Alexis Makes Sonny's Window!!
Thanks to Pam, Webmaster of the Just Breath Website, for allowing me to use some of her snappies of Sonny gazing out his window!

Long time GH viewers know that when Sonny gazes wistfully out of his window, he is thinking of the woman he loves. This is why whenever Sonny is shown looking out his window, CFFs claimed he is pining over Carly. This was a claim they could make without dispute until recently. After Alexis' sister "twink" devulged to Sonny of her sister's amorious feelings towards him, we were treated to a scene of not only watching Sonny gaze out of his window--we actually HEARD what he was thinking. And it wasn't about his ex-wife Carly. It was about Alexis! Sonny made it clear that the thought of going over more then briefs with Alexis was something he didn't hate! The window is NOT an exclusive Carly domain anymore!

The window was first utalized during the Sonny and Brends Days. During his marriage of convenience to Lily, Sonny was often seen gazing out the window pining for his true love, Brenda

During his tumultuous marriage to Carly, Sonny could be seen gazing out his window many times agonizing over her betrayals

With Sonny and Alexis' relationship just beginning, Alexis has joined the select list of ladies that Sonny ponders about when looking out his window. Now I ask you: Sonny and ??? are the story?