CFF Sound and Fury

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player/ That struts and frets his hour upon the stage/ And then is heard no more. It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

William Shakespeare

At this point, I didn't there was ANYTHING the CFFs could do that would shock me. I thought I had seen it all: making up hit lists, spying on email lists, descending in a horde upon anyone on Message Boards, and email discussion groups and mocking and bullying anyone that dared to disagree with them, implying they have top secret inside industry sources--alluding that the source was Maurice Benard himself. They claimed they single handedly ended the Sonny and Liz friendship and that they helped "Mo" get rid of Angel (Mo did nothing of the sort. He simply would not play Sonny falling madly in love with Angel after having just met her because that was very out of character for Sonny, who by nature is very suspicious. He had no objections to the actress, Angel Boris. And I am sure he didn't ask for your help).

However, NOTHING could have prepared me for the circus I witnessed on the Internet Soap Boards after the contents of the magazine, Soap Opera Weekly , January 28, 2002 was reported on the Soap Opera Message Boards.

SOW had a cover story entitled" General Hospital Battle: Carly out, Alexis in!" with a very nice photo of Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn and Tamara Braun. The contents of the story was that the number of fans who want a Sonny and Alexis pairing is growing and that Alexis was going to become a major player in Sonny's story line. Both Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn commented on how they have noticed the support for Sexis is out there and that it was an exciting story opportunity for their characters. The story also included a humorous quote by Nancy Lee Grahn: "The Carly fans are tough. I wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley. They are going to beat me up".

Ms. Grahn, an avid Internet surfer, has commented before about vitriolic posts about her character on the Internet.
She and Maurice Benard have also been receiving hate mail from disgruntled Sonny and Carly fans. While surfing, Ms. Grahn has been treated to seeing posts about her character being too old for Sonny, calling her a monkey, gluttony, tramp, b*tch, and being depicted on web sites as being an old lady, and, the week after father died, being depicted in a graphic of her head on a turkey's body. Its no wonder, after having seen the hatred unleashed against any female character other then Carly that has the gall to share a scene with Sonny, she would be a bit wary of the fury that a Sonny/Alexis romance would unleash among the CFFs. So, as a nod to the loyalty and persistence of the CFFs, she made a humorous peace offering.

her What happened on the Soap Message Boards that day was more insanity then even I envisioned. The boards were saturated with hostile rants by delusional CFFs claiming that Ms. Grahn had insulted them in print.And here is the kicker, they actually maintain that they bashed Alexis, the character, not NLG, the actress. Now come on!! Referring to Alexis as old is refering to NLG as old. Depicting Alexis as an old lady is depicting NLG as an old lady. It was NLG's head on the turkey--not Alexis Davis'.

Here are a few of the delusional, and uncalled for IMHO, rants in the Message Boards that day:

These delusional rants would be funny if the people who did them weren't serious. In short they are accusing Nancy of:

  • riding on Maurice's coat tails

  • deliberately maligning the CFF fan base

  • pimping herself in the S&C story

  • using her "ins" at the soap press to pimp her

  • ruining the S&C love story (funny--I thought Carly did that all by herself)

  • tricking fans into believing that there will be a Sexis story line

  • using the CFFs to get publicity

  • being resentful of Tamara Braun because it interferes in her Sexis Agenda

  • And they are accusing the soap press of:

  • having a bias in favor of NLG in their articles

  • deliberately using old quotes from Maurice Benard to fabricate a story in NLG's favor

  • accusing (SOW Editorial Director) Lynn Leheay of being out to "punish" them

  • accusing (SOW Editorial Director) Lynn Leheay of knowingly publishing fabricated information in SOW articles

  • Is there no end to this madness?? Do they even have one shred of evidence that this is true?? Hasn't anyone ever told them this could be construed as libel and slander? Where do they get their sense of entitlement regarding GH and who Sonny/Maurice should be paired with? This is a soap, couples are not always happy and do not last forever. That include Sonny and carly. Don't other fans who like Sexis count as much as them? Do they really think they are THAT important that NLG AND all the soap mags are is some big conspiracy to punish them, and that Maurice Benard is some sad sack who is dorkily unaware of the GH/NLG/Soap Mag conspiracy to thumb their noses at CFFs?? Now that is absurd and down right scary.

    Ladies, isn't it just possible that NLG is on the covers of Soap mags because she is a popular character in her own right and that her presence sells magazines? Isn't it possible that a Sonny and Alexis pairing has a growing following and that the soap mags see this as news worthy? Isn't it possible that Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn and Tamara Braun just want a good story line for their characters? All three are getting more story line interaction and challenging opportunities. If they are all happy why should we be disgruntled?

    I think its time for the CFFs to take a long hard look at themselves. More and more people are commenting on their nasty bullying tactics. They are driving people away from the Message Boards because they have become war zones. NLG even joked about it (but in a good way) in an article. Maybe, just maybe, they need to do some soul searching about their behavior and whether it is ethical, decent, fan behavior. Their behavior could actually be HURTING S&C as a couple, not helping, because they tick people off.

    Until the CFFs take a good long look at themselves, their rants and demands will just be looked upon by other fan groups, the Soap Press, and the actors as a: "tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."