Long time GH viewers KNOW that Sonny has amazingly resilient sperm! Sonny doesn't see much action--but when he does, a pregnancy is usually the result! Here is his track record:

During Sonny's love-less marriage of convenience to mob princess Lily Rivera, he was still in love with model Brenda Barrett. As a consequence, he and Lily didn't see much action under the sheets! The action Lily got was all cherce, though, because the first Mrs. Corinthos ended up with a bun in the oven anyway! Unfortunately, Lily and her unborn child were killed when she fell victim to a bomb that was planted for Sonny by her father!
Sonny's one night stand hate sex with Carly Roberts Quartermaine resulted in pregnancy number two. Unfortunately, Sonny's super sperm resiliency could only go so far. During a visit at the Quartermaines, Carly goaded a drunken AJ into an argument on the steps. AJ lashed out, pushed Carly and she tumbled down the steps. She lost the child soon after.
You can't keep a good man down! All signs are pointing towards pregnancy number three, resulting from Sonny's steamy one night of passion with attorney Alexis Davis. Is Alexis pregnant? Will the third time be the charm for Sonny? Watch out Carly--this could be your worst nightmare! Stay tuned!