Pundits and clairvoyants on Soapzone often claim they can tell how a GH actor is feeling about his/hers current storyline, his/her onscreen partner and the actor's mood during a photo shoot via certain clues. The clues include: the look in his/her eye,or by the the actor's body language or even by how the actor is posed in the PHOTO!! I was extremely skeptical of these claims until I took a good look at the latest SamSon photo in SID. Imagine my shock and awe when on careful examination I noticed there were clues in the picture that gave NEW evidence to the "Paul is Dead" rumors!


Is This the REAL Paul

The Rumor

In 1969 Russell Gibb, a radio Disc Jockey in Detroit, announced that Paul McCartney was dead. His proof: evidence strewn throughout the Beatles' songs, movies, and album artwork. Newspaper and television reporters picked up the story and the news quickly spread across America.

The story states that Paul McCartney was involved in a car accident. Apparently "he hadn't noticed that the lights had changed." The accident occurred at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. Cause of death was massive head trauma. So severe were his wounds that dental records were useless for identifying the body.

No accident report was made public due to pending investigation of the occupant. Beatles' insiders learned it was Paul, but kept silent. Understanding the ramifications of such news, the remaining Beatles hatched a cover-up.

A Paul McCartney look alike contest was held. William Campbell won first place, but the results were never announced. Campbell's prize was to be made a clone of Paul for photos, videos, movies, etc. Plastic surgery was used to smooth out the minor differences. They failed to fix a scar on Campbell's upper lip - this is how you can tell authentic McCartney photos from the Campbell ones.

OR is this William Campbell?




The New Clues


More Clues

  • Paul McCartney-Sam McCall--both are Maccas!
  • Paul wrote Baby you can drive my car --Sonny has a limo and a driver
  • If you play an audio file of Sonny reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards you can hear him say
    I buried Paul, in the ocean, with cement shoes, Carly is next" AND Turn me on Sammy

If you find any clues that I missed, please send me an email