More chilling and on target predictions have not been seen since Nostradamus...(well not exactly)

Our all time favorite CFF predictions about Sexis

-They ARE NOT having sex LMAO, it's only a rumor LMAO (I don't think so--look above)

-Lexifan you will never get the sexis, not in this lifetime (Wow--Lexifans next lifetime came suddenly--look above)

-They (S&C)are going to be on the cover of SOD Beg Feb-- CFF Hutton is the SOD going to be Maurice and Tamara without Nancy ? I'm hoping to see a cover minus the Alexis angle ~~~~ *****Yes, and a New Pix [EOM]

-Trust me he won't be able to stay away from her (Carly) for long. He'll try but it won't work. -That in the rags this week, they will be LEADING YOU ON, and certainly ''intimating'' some things-- But It's not happening. If it does you can publically humilate us, and we'll eat crow. But I'm not worried for many reasons LOL!
(Hungry ladies??--look above!)

-Something tells me, soon in SOD you'll be seeing next to nothing on Suxass :-) (I guess you haven't seen the April 30the issue of SID)

-It's Jax/Courtney, you will see the PUSH VERY VERY soon, now if they flop, who knows, but that's the deal. Print this out, you can SHAME me if I'm wrong, but I think my track record is pretty decent, I DID tell you nothing was happening with Sexis in PR, correct??? I am ALSO telling you NOTHING romantic is happening with Sexis anytime soon, NADA, nothing more than you you are seeing now -- Write that down too, you can CALL me out if I'm wrong LOL. So where would that leave Sonny if it's CarJax LOL??? (Apparantly with Alexis--see above)

-OK, some Good news , small, but I Like LOL S&C will reunite when February sweeps kicks in, and they have set it up BEAUTIFULLY. I can not wait (I must have blinked and missed it!)

-I suspect the S&C story will get told but perhaps by someone else. Either way, Sonny's feelings for Alexis will remain what they have been

-The scenes where Sonny and Carly talk and he apologizes and they are ''observed'' come AFTER Krissy spills the beans and Sonny knows Alexis has a jones for him. That he shares close moment with Carly totally aware that his ''friend'' could be more if he wanted. This one from last summer

-I told you CFF Hutton, they are going to fix it so fast your heads going to spin. Remember the Jason talk after Sonny proposed the second time? EK is in the house. (Hope you weren't holding your breath)

-Now that we know Sexis isn't going to happen (oh yeah--see above)

-You will never get Sexis sex and I am going to love seeing you all disappointed with egg on your faces!! (now now, lets not get all bitter-oh and see above)

If anyone has any other CFF predictions you'd like to share send me an email at jessiebrewer@yahoo.com