How do the CFFs get such a large number of posts in the S&C consolidated post at SoapZone??

Carly just might have less fans then we think

Did you ever wonder how the CFF consolidated posts (they call it the S&C posts but S&Cers are mostly comprised of CFFs) get such a large number of posts at the message board on SoapZone? Well, my Sexis and SFF buddies tried an experiment. During GH on Thanksgiving Day we went to SZ and posted to each other over and over again (stuff like "Mo is so ON today" and "Oh you can tell Sonny is thinking of Alexis by the look in his eyes" or "stop, you're making me cry!") in a Sexis consolidated post. It took 18 posters about one and a half hours to rack up 318 posts.

What can we conclude from this?? 318 responses to one post doesn't mean you've got 318, 200, 100, or even 50 different posters. Which means the CFF fan base may not be as large as they would like you to think!! Here is a link to the posts and ALL of its responses. You will note that each different poster has their name bolded once.