Carlee takes on the Mother of all Martyrs: St. Joan of Arc

We know GH is toying with the idea of the 13 week story arc. Borrowing a page from that Gothic Soap Classic Dark Shadows I thought it might be fun to take GH characters back in time to Midievil France and give Carlee the opportunity to portray the saint her fans think she is. Since nothing is ever her fault and she is always the persecuted and the betrayed what better role for her then Joan of Arc?? But watch out Carlee, real martyrs don't get two mil, a club, and lip lock with young studs (while they are still married...ahem). They get burned.

You might notice the story arc is peppered with FOJs and various other GH characters. I threw Sonny in there too so he could be that evil, amoral, opportunist that persecutes poor innocent Joan since thats how the CFFs see him. As for me, I say "Go Sonny!! Burn that witch (Carlee, not St. Joan)!"

In 1422 Henry V and Charles VI died within two months of each other, leaving the infant Henry VI as the nominal king of France. His regent in France, the Duke of Bedford, spent the next few years cementing alliances with the Dukes of Brittany and Burgundy, and engaging Dauphinist forces in the field. The military situation swung in Bedford's favor with victories at Cravant on July 31, 1423 and at Verneuil on August 17, 1424, during which the Dauphin's Scottish allies were decimated in a smaller-scale version of Aginçourt. The Scots lost some of their enthusiasm for the war after that point. In the wake of defeat and frustration, demoralization set in within the Dauphinist faction. Around that time, perhaps in the summer of 1424, the young farm girl from Domrémy said she began to experience visions. She would later explain: ''I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid. And this voice came, about the hour of noon, in the summer time, in my father's garden...'' A new chapter had begun for Jehanne (Joan) and the various factions fighting for control of the Kingdom of France.

Carly: The young maiden of Orleans, Joan

Roy: Jacques d'Arc, Joan's father

Jax: The Dauphin, King of France, who betrays Joan

Helena: The Dauphin's mother

MiKe Corbin: St. Michael, the Angel who appears to Joan

Sonny: Pierre Cauchon, the Bishop of Beauvais, an English sympathiser, the Vicar of the Inquisition, who prosecutes Joan in her trial

Alexis: St. Catherine who also appeared to Joan

Edward: One of the Scottish Lords

Lila: Scottish Lord's Wife, ''Oh Edward, why are you abandoning Joan right now??

Luke: The voice that Joan hears, ''Listen Joan, Darlin, you better get with it. The English are beating you down baby''

Melissa: St. Margaret, another Saint who appeared to Joan

Ned: Duke of Bedford

Lucky, Liz, Gia, and Nikolas: Joan's brothers and sisters.

Courtney: Court Stenographer

AJ: Joan's horse

JFP amd MM are very enthusiastic about this story line arc and think it will be the best way to spotlight Carlee. Said JFP, ''This story is finally one worthy to present Carly as the spunky, noble, heroic woman that she is'

Disclaimer: This is in no way a put down of St. Joan of Arc who had the bravery, guts, strength and faith to be a REAL Martyr.