Disclaimer: The following dialogue between Maurice Benard, Trent Lott and a GH fan is PURLY FICTIONAL. I don't claim to have any knowledge about Maurice Benard's or Mr. Lott's thoughts, feelings, or opinions. The GH fan character is used only as a plot device and is NOT REAL. Any resemblance to any real GH fan is not intentional and is purely coincidence.

You can forget any more scenes like those below if a certain fan group gets its wish

The Carly fans are incensed. Their idol Tamara "Tams" Braun who portrays their heroine Carly Corinthos on ABC's flagship Soap General Hospital was not nominated in this years SOD poll. Some Carly fans have decided the best way to vent their anger at SOD is by NOT voting for Ms. Braun's on screen partner, Maurice Benard, who portrays GH's delicious mobster, Sonny Corinthos. Mr. Benard did receive a nomination in the Best Actor catagory. They claim they are doing this in the best interest of Mr. Benard because they KNOW he only wants to work with "Tams" and will walk if he isn't given his wish. The following is a fictional dialogue between Mr. Benard and a Carly fan to explain their reasons for not voting for Mr. Benard for the SOD awards.


CFF Hutton: Mo, I have been sent here today by the CF er I mean S&C fans to talk to you about our decision to vote against you in this years SOD Poll because its in your best interest.

Mo: Really? I am intrigued. Go on.

CFF Hutton: Thank you. As you know, "Tams"...

Mo: Tams??

CFF Hutton (Giggling): Thats our cute nick name for Tamara Braun. We call you Mo.

Mo (rolling eyes): I know.

CFF Hutton: Anyway, Tams was not nominated for this years SOD awards.

Mo: I know, and I'm sorry about that, but what has that got to do with me?

CFF Hutton: Well, we KNOW that there is a plot against Tams perpetrated by all the SOAP mags because they are in league with that she devil Nancy Lee Grahn--who DID get a nomination--isn't that suspicious?

Mo: I don't think it was suspicious. Nancy has been phenomenal this year.

CFF Hutton (giggling): Oh MO, its so cute when you try to wax diplomatic.

Mo: I am not just being diplomatic. Nancy is a very good friend of mine. Our daughters play together. We love working together. I think she's great!

CFF Hutton (winking): Mo, its me, CFF Hutton, you don't have to pretend.

Mo: Is something in your eye?

CFF Hutton: No silly. But we--the CF er I mean S&Cers know how you REALLY feel about working with anyone but Tams. We know because one of us has a brother-in-law that works on the GH set who collects the recycling and he told us.

Mo (scratching head) Recyling guy, recycling guy...oh, you mean Gus??

CFF Hutton: Thats the one!

Mo: I don't think I've ever said two words to the guy except to thank him for collecting the recycling.

CFF Hutton: Oh Mo, we know the two of you are the best of friends and you TELL him everything!

Mo (shrugging): Whatever. Is that where you get those "lost" scripts?

CFF Hutton: Yeah, thats it! Thats the ticket.

Mo (rolling eyes and sighing): I still don't understand what this has to with me and the SOD awards.

CFF Hutton: Well, in order to ensure that you will ALWAYS work with Tams and ONLY Tams, we have to prove that she's a bigger soap star then you.

Mo: WHAT????? What if I don't want to work only with Tams. I like working with her but I like working with other people in the GH cast too.

CFF Hutton (giggling): Oh Mo. There you go being diplomatic again. Its so cute!

Mo: I am NOT just being diplomatic. I like working with other actors. I like working with Steve Burton...

CFF Hutton (interrupting): Its ok if you work with Steve. But only in scenes with Tams and only if there is an unspoken longing between Carly and Jason for each other. Oh--and Carly gets to lie to you about Jason but you must never lie to Carly.

Mo: WHAT?? Thats absurd! If Carly can have a longing for Jason, then Sonny can have a longing for Brenda!

CFF Hutton: Thats different. Besides Vanessa Marcil is a she devil too. She's another one in cahoots with the soap mags. She's only been back for a few months and she got nominated for a SOD award too. Isn't that suspicious?

Mo: Its not suspicious. The montage of Sonny and Brenda and Sonny's shooting is my favorite scene of the year! And Vanessa was great in that!

CFF Hutton (giggling): Oh there you go being cute and diplomatic again. WE know all your favorite scenes have only been with Tams.

Mo: Aye Yi Yi!!

CFF Hutton: Well, I've brought along another CF uh I mean S&C fan to talk with you. He has suddenly got a lot of free time on his hands. Mo, meet Senator Trent Lott!

Mo: Trent Lott??

Trent Lott: I am honored to meet you Sir

Mo: I wish I could say it was mutual.

Trent Lott: Mo, I have been watching GH for over 30 years now and I have to say that Sonny and Carly are my favorite couple.

Mo: Thats nice

Trent Lott: I want to say this about my soap: When Bob Guza was head writer in 1998 and he put Sonny and Carly together we loved them. We were proud of them. And if the rest of writers had followed his lead, GH wouldn't have had all these problems over the last three years, either."

CFF Hutton: Here, here, Senator!

Mo (shaking his head): This is too bizarro. I must be having a nightmare.

Senator Lott: Mo, we just feel that you should not be integrated into the GH cast. You do your best work with Tams--why muck it up by writing Sonny into other storylines that aren't Carly related? Why work with other actors? This is why we are voting against you in the SOD Poll. Its for your own good.

Mo: But I like the challenge of working with other actors. I enjoy my scenes with Steve Burton, Nancy Lee Grahn, Vanessa Marcil, Kin Shriner, Alicia Leigh Wills, Rebecca Herbst, Real Andrews...

CFF Hutton: Oh Senator Lott, isn't he cute when he's trying to be diplomatic.

Senator Lott (smiling): As a button.


CFF Hutton: He's so lucky we are looking out for his best interests!

Trent Lott: He sure is. Well, its been a pleasure but I have to go now. I have write a tell all book about my experiences in the Senate. Bye!

CFF Hutton: Good bye Senator--and thanks! Well, Mo, now what do you think?

Mo: Have you ever thought about all the good I can do for people that suffer with mental illness if winning the SOD award gives me a higher profile?

CFF Hutton: Oh piddle Mo! What could be more important than keeping Sonny and Carly together? Whats more important then working with Tams?

Mo: GH is a soap opera! NO couple stays together forever! Not even Luke and Laura! Sonny has a past with Brenda and a child with Alexis! Sonny not having a storyline with these characters is insane.

CFF Hutton: About that. We think Carly should have a past with Brenda and that Alexis' baby should be Carly's!

Mo: What?? Aside from that being biologically impossible, why should Carly be integrated into the GH cast and not me?

CFF Hutton: Thats different! And even if these stories are not logistically possible, think of the how this ground breaking storyline would spotlight a great thespian like Tams. A storyline like this would get her an Emmy And YOU would get the honor of reacting to Carly's storyline instead of having you own--which is what we KNOW you really want (Wink)!

Mo: You have something in your eye again. What if I want to win an Emmy?

CFF Hutton: Oh that. We've decided Tams has to win hers first.

Mo: What?? Why??

CFF Hutton: To make Tams THE central and most important character on GH. Then you would have the honor of being Carly's satellite in THE most important story! See how great this would be for you? Like you said, Carly and Sonny are THE story

Mo (holding his head in his hands): I said Sonny and Carly are THE story--

CFF Hutton: We've decided Carly and Sonny sounds better.

Mo (rubbing his eyes): and that was a LONG time ago! I didn't mean forever! This is a nightmare. I have to go home and tell Paula about your latest campaign to do whats best for me. This can't be for real. This is some alternative CFF universe!!

CFF: Oh Mo--about Paula--she has to go. We think Tams should move in with you and be your on screen and off screen wife...

Mo: I can't stand here and listen to any more of this! Its been a pleasure.

CFF Hutton: Thanks Mo! We knew you'd understand!

Mo: No, that time I WAS being diplomatic! Good Bye.