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This is my attempt to explain my web site. It is not an apology. The intent of my web site is not to be mean spirited but to try and counter act the damage I believe the CFFs are doing to Maurice Benard and to a lesser extent, Nancy Lee Grahn.

The CFFS, With all their innuendo, blabbing, and gossiping, are hurting someone very real--Maurice Benard. In their zeal to get the story line they want they paint Maurice Benard as a power mad, difficult, egomaniac who makes huge story line demands--one of which is he is DEMANDING and rabidly supports a story line with their girl. I don't know if this is intentional--I think it probably isn't. But that's the impression they give to other fans. All of this is an attempt to browbeat people into believing there is no hope with Sonny ever having a romance or even story line with anyone else. They aren't even cognizant of the damage they are doing because they are so focused on getting THEIR story.

Maurice and Nancy are actors being paid to do a job. They are NOT Sonny Corinthos or Alexis Davis. And as such, I don't see anything wrong with either actor wanting acting challenges and wanting to interpret the characters of Sonny and Alexis as they see fit. They are the people that have to step into the character day after day.

What is going on now is not fair to either of them. In order to shore up support for the story line they want, the CFFs are using Maurice. Every syllable the man utters at appearances or in magazines are gone over like pieces of scripture. Its like SODCaperr three, verse six: "And on the sixth day Maurice said: Sonny and Alexis shalt just be friends". His words are twisted by the CFFs to imply that Maurice is an all out supporter of the S&C story and that he is sabotaging attempts by the writers or EP to pair him with anyone else. However, there is such a thing as putting things in context and statements being interpreted in the tone and venue of where the remark was made. Also remember, Maurice can only comment on a period of about two to three weeks--because that's how far he sees scripts in advance. He doesn't KNOW how Sonny will be thinking and feeling six months or even three months down the road. And Maurice is too much of a professional to sabotage any story line or actress. In fact, Maurice and Nancy are very close friends.

It may sound like Maurice is a rampant self supporter who courts the press. But the truth is, he's very popular on GH and magazines like to feature him on their covers and in stories because he sells magazines. And most of the time he is quoted he isn't even giving interviews, he's answering questions at fan events.

What is going on with Nancy Lee Grahn is just as bad. Labled as an interloper in the S&C story, she is enduring such nastiness as hate mail, and really below the belt comments about her age, how she isn't popular with key demo viewers, and that she is too old for Sonny. This is a double nasty whammy because she just suffered the loss of her father and is in a deep mourning period. Mail like that, coming at this time, has double the negative impact. I bet viewers in their 20s WISH they looked as good as Nancy Lee Grahn does now!! And the implication that someone her age can't be sexy is just down right insulting.

All Maurice and Nancy want is a good story line for their characters and to work with people they admire and enjoy. I don't think they deserve to be raked over the coals for this.

Now, I will be the first to tell you I don't know Maurice. I am a fan of his. I met him a few times at fan events and I have friends on the Internet who have met him and Nancy at fan events. From what I have heard, both he and Nancy are very kind, nice and decent people who are generous to their fans. BUT WE ARE JUST THAT-FANS!! And there are boundaries that, as a fan, you shouldn't cross. But I think the CFFs cross those boundaries and in doing so hurt Maurice and Nancy in the process.

So my web site was my attempt to illuminate the damage I see being done to Maurice and Nancy, in a comical way. I'm not criticising CFFs personally, since I don't even know them. I am criticising their actions. I know the remark was made that I am bashing real people. But aren't Maurice and Nancy real people?? There are comments being made that I sound angry and bitter. Well, I am a little peeved. But its not because I am jealous of the CFFs or angry because a story line isn't going my way. I am very disturbed by what I see as nasty, rude behavior by fans who are so intent on getting their way they don't even think about the damage they are doing in the process.

I will say that most of the SZ posters who are criticising my site thought the nasty Sexis web site that depicted Nancy Lee Grahn (a real person) and Sexis fans (real people, no??) as old ladies was very funny. That site was critical of Nancy AND Sexis fans and most CFFs thought it was a riot. In fact, I was told by one to get a sense of humor. Well, girls--back at you. Get a sense of humor. And it is pricelss that they are accusing ME of being obsessed. But I won't elaborate any more on that! And I want to thank all the people who have sent me emails and posted messages in my address book who like my web site! Its nice to hear that once in awhile.

JB 1/14/02