Our staff is made up of the finest DNA professionals from all over the country. Because we are a tv show and we are counting on the viewers to have a whopping dose of suspended disbelief, we can deliver the results in just one hour! So, no more waiting for weeks to find out if you are so and so's daughter, or if that certain person is your father! All patient's records are confidential and kept in our super top secret data base that is maintained by Emily Quartermaine Cassadine.


Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

It was so simple! I just brought my DNA samples to the Drive - Through, went shopping for a red cape and when I came back it was done! I was able to alter the evidence and keep the identity of the mobster father of my daughter a secret for TWO YEARS. Thank you GH!
I dropped off my DNA evidence, went to the GH cafeteria and had some coffee. -I'm Jason Morgan--Jason Q never touched caffeine but I'm Jason MorganI and I like coffee. When I was done the results were ready. I was able to find out that my best friend was the father of his mistresses' baby and alter the evidence to say I was the father--in time to save my best friend's marriage--for about three months. Thanks GH!
I was able to find out the identity of my foster son's father in time to prevent him from shooting him. Now I get to shoot him because he is the reason I lost my baby. Thanks GH!!

Don't worry--I'm a licensed professional. All tests here are kept confidential except in cases, when, in my excellent judgment, I think its important to tell. OOps--there's Jason --I need to tell him Sonny is the father of Sam Mc Call's baby. Bye!


So don't wait. Give us a call today!