The Exciting adventures of Sonny and his Cusinart

Will Sonny be forced to give up his beloved Cusinart?
If the CFFs had their way "Mo" wouldn't have scenes with anyone but "Tams". Sonny's storyline would be reduced to him being held prisoner in PH4 interacting with only Carly and his beloved Cusinart--and only when making something for Carly. However, I bet it wouldn't be long for the CFFs to turn on the Cusinart because it doesn't show Carly enough respect. Here is my parody of the S&C Consolidated Post at SZ on the day the CFF turned on the Cusinart.


Sonny is in the kitchen pureeing vegetables in his Cusinart for his Maranara Sauce. Carly comes in upset because Sonny spends so much time in the kitchen with his Cusinart and not with her. She sniffles that the only time she tried to use the Cusinart she couldn't get the top on right and the darn thing wouldn't work on purpose because it hates her. She tells Sonny that he is more open and intimate with the Cusinart then with her. He respects the Cusinart. What should she tell Michael when he asks why Sonny spends so much time in the kitchen? She grumbles that she hates Maranara sauce anyway and would much rather have a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Meanwhile--back at the S&C Consolidated Post:

CFF: Grrr why can't Sonny respect HIS WIFE??
CFF: I know--she SAID she wanted a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, you only need a pan for that!
CFF: Sonny is so mean to Carly. He is trying to control her by making her eat maranara sauce.
alleged SFF (Hesitantly): Well Maranara sauce is more healthy.
CFF Huton: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?? Carly wants a grilled ham and cheese!! Sonny is trying to control her!
alleged SFF: OH CFF Hutton, I am so wrong about this. You are right Sonny is in the wrong here. Can you ever forgive me?? Please don't cut me off from your spoilers!
Cff Hutton: No problem. You can at least see the truth that Sonny is alway wrong. Some SFFs are so blind they can't see that. They are character enablers.
CFF: Why can't Sonny ever see Carly's side??
CFF: Look how he is cleaning that Cusinart! He should be spending time with Carly!
CFF: Does that Cusinart know she is HIS wife?
CFF: If this doesn't stop soon I am out of here!
CFF Hutton: Don't worry, I know for a fact that "Mo" hates this storyline. He hates it when he's in any scene that doesn't involve "Tams". You can see he's not putting his all into this scene.
CFF: You're right!! You can see Sonny really wants to be with Carly, its his compulsion to clean that keeps them apart!!
CFF: Sonny really needs to see a therapist!! He is always looking for things to come between him and Carly
CFF Spoiler King: My "inside sources" tell me that his storyline with the Cusinart will be over in three weeks.
CFF: Thanks Spoiler King! You give me hope!!
CFF: Spoiler king--you are the best!!
CFF: JFP and MM don't know how to give Carly a decent storyline!
CFF: Why does Sonny have to clean his Cusinart?? Can't he hire someone to do it?
CFF: JFP is just doing this because she hates us! We managed to stop any scenes Sonny had with Alexis, Mike, Courtney, Taggart, Benny, Zander, Jax, Ned, The Q's, Liz, Lucky, and Ned. And she is STILL torturing us with this Cusinart!!
CFF: Well, we only did that because MO SAID he only wants to work with "Tams".
CFF: Why can't the SFFs see that?? We are only doing what MO WANTS!!
alleged SFF: I am a SFF and I have no problem with this!!
CFF Hutton: But thats because you are objective. You SEE that the Cusinart does not respect Carly! CFF: That Cusinart is a slut!
CFF: I used to like the Cusinart but this storyline demeans it
CFF Hutton: WRITE!! CALL!!
CFF: Hey CFF Hutton, do you know why "Mo" is putting up with THIS CRAP??
CFF Hutton: EMAIL ME!!!
CFF: Done!
CFF:"Tams" is beautiful today. Much better looking then the Cusinart!
CFF: That Cusinart is to old for Sonny!! He should just give it to Mike!!
CFF: The ratings show that the Cusinart fans are out of the key demo range!
CFF: That Cusinart is pathetic!!
CFF: f*%##%$ Cusinart!! I just FF any scenes "Mo" has with the it!
CFF: Wow, we have 4,323 posts in our CP today!!
CFF: Thats because we have our priorities are straight!! Besides, we have no other life!
CFF: Can't tptb SEE that we have younger and louder fans then any OTHER fan base??
CFF Hutton: WRITE!! CALL!!
CFF: I thought the Cusinart could be friends with Carly.
CFF: If this doesn't stop soon, I am going to start supporting the toaster!!
CFF Spoiler King: Don't worry. I know for a FACT that "Mo" hates this storyline and it will be over in three weeks!!
CFF: Thanks CFF Spoiler King!! You're the best!!
CFF: I'll try to hold on CFF Spoiler King!
CFF: Grrr, that Cusinart needs to go now!!
CFF: That tramp!!
CFF: Can you believe they put a picture of "Mo" and the Cusinart on the Cover of SID??
CFF Spoiler King: Well, the Cusinart is friends with all the editors at SID.
CFF Hutton: "Mo" HATES the Cusinart. The magazine promotes the Cusinart because it's friends with the soap mag editors.
CFF: At his last fan event "Mo" SAID he and the Cusinart should just be friends!
CFF: What's in the previews tomorrow?
CFF: Oh No--Sonny is taking his Cusinart to Puerto Rico!!
CFF: This is a %&%$## storyline!!
CFF: I HATE the Cusinart!! The slut!!

Tune in tomorrow when the CFFs take on Sonny' cell phone.