I have noticed at a certain GH website, top heavy with CFFs, that an infamous CFF does a weekly "Cornhole of the week" post about GH characters known for its viciousness, especially towards Alexis and Sonny. The CFFs find this post to be oh so witty and amusing. Suspiciously absent as a choice every week is the CFF Goddess/Diva Carlee. This is a travesty! I cannot rest until I see justice served, so I came up with my OWN weekly award I call JB's Cretanian of the week! Cretanian is a play on the word cretin which the Websters dictionary defines as someone who is: feeble, half witted, an idiot, an imbecile, a moron, and a simpleton. In my award, Neither Sonny or Alexis will ever be a choice. I hope the CFFs find this as funny and amusing as the Cornhole of the week post.

Our point of reference for the
weekly award is Jethro Baudine!
(Can you think of anyone more

Back by Popular demand! The Cretanian of the week poll!

Our Choices this week are:(April 30-May 4, 2002)

  • Taggart - Get over this thing about Deke--its making you look really silly!

  • Nik - Ok we get it--you're intense. But instead of running your hands wildly through your hair to convey this couldn't you just stare out the window like Sonny or your Uncle Stefan? Its a much more effective technique.

  • Roy - For still being on the show.

  • Jax - Somebody refresh my memory. Exactly why is Jax even in Sonny's storyline?

  • Luke - All of a sudden he remembers he's related to Michael. What the...??

  • Maxie - Is this sullen teen as bothersome to everyone else as she is to me?

  • Carly - Even missing you continue to wreak havoc with everyone in Port Charles. And you are certainly NOT worth all this bru-ha-ha!!

  • Courtney - Could you be any more obtuse where AJ is concerned?

  • Lucky - Could you possibly shout any louder?

  • Monica - Another one who needs to buy a clue about AJ!

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