Sonny/Brenda/Jason Caption This

Finally!! Sonny/Brenda/Jason Caption This has been updated. Here are your captions to the above picture:

Brenda: And thats for leaving me at the altar!

Jason, Sonny's dead!
Calm down Brenda. He's not dead. He just fainted.
He found he doesn't have to work with Tams anymore.

Honey Brown
Who knew ballet could be so much fun?

Brenda: AHHH Jason my only chance with Sonny Ruined!
Sonny: Help, I've fallen and cannot get up!

Candy Cane
Poor little Brenda goes insane. She kills Sonny thinking he was Alcazar and fights Jason all after a night of watching Charlie's angels.

All three give an uplifting ballet performance entitled, "The Mobster, The Model and the Stoneboy in the Rain."

Brenda in one of her "crazy" modes screams NOBODY LEAVES at a "dying" Sonny as Jason tries to slap some sense into her.

Sonny, you can't die! You haven't even seen my new tatoo yet! And its really neato!

Brenda: Jason, I don't WANT you! I only wanted you to make Sonny jealous! GET OFF OF ME!
Jason: *Stare*

Tired of mob life Sonny and Jason take up Brenda's proposal that they all work together to become the world's first triple ice dancing's a shot taken at their last competition where the judges sadly only gave them a 5.5 (The Russian judge gave them only a 3.9...ouch!)

When Ballet goes bad

Jason it's been four years!! I'm not through with him yet!"

Brenda: Look at what I found Sonny... Hey you there? Well this wasn't the reaction I was expecting."
Jason: You IDIOT! He's DYING!

Jason: You can't have him Brenda! He's mine! Damn it, you can't just think you can come here after four years and have him for yourself again!
Brenda: Yeah, we'll see! He'll never love you Jason, He still loves me! Now get your big strong arms off of me and get your own man!
Sonny(peaks with one eye open) :Now this is a triangle I could sink my teeth into.

Brenda: Sonny! Don't you dare die on me! If you die that leaves me with nothing but a lifetime of staring at Jax's big, fat, pale, hairless chest!
Jason: Eeiioouuuu! Stop it you're making me sick!
Sonny:(thinking to himself) That would serve you right after running past me after the warehouse fire.

Sonny! Nooo! Nooo! Hey wait a minute... Jason, are you touching my boob?!

Brenda (to Jason) Put me down you idiot. Can't you see Sonny , the love of my life needs me?

Brenda: Sonny you can't die! You're a father! Ned just told me Alexis' daughter is yours, not his!
Jason: Darn, I wanted Sonny's first child to be mine!

Jason put me down! I want to have a baby and I KNOW Sonny is a straight shooter!

Brenda: I burned a yacht, swam to shore and eluded Luis and his men for 24 hours to get to you think I'm going to let a twerp like you stop me?
Jason: Sex that good huh??
Brenda: F'n "A"!!

Force of Nature
Brenda (to Jason) :LET ME GO TO SONNY! After four years, I want to jump his bones...shot or not! Sonny shot is better than any other man! Besides, he's been with that skank...he needs to remember that not all women have their pictures next to the word "bitch" in the dictionary!

Well if Carly is Batgirl call me the Catwoman! Hiss!
Jason: Holy Cow!I guess that makes me Robin!

Jason: Brenda, This is NO time for you to do your Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain" impression. Sonny's been hurt!"
Brenda:(giggling) Sorry! Sometimes my feet have a mind of their own.

Brenda: Honestly Sonny, Carly?? What the hell were you thinking?

Brenda (To Jason)Pruza or no Pruza. I didn't come back to GH to be married to you!

oh! Suzanna
Brenda: Sonny! What do you mean purple is the new black??
Jason:Oh gawd.
Sonny (smiling to himself) Yep. Thats my Brenda.