Yet another new Caption This!

Finally! Here are your responses to Yet another new Caption This!

Fasten your seatbealt Sonny! You're in for a bumpy ride!

Sonny:Whoa baby! You're having an orgasm already?
Alexis: I can't help it...I haven't had an orgasm in forever! I mean, come on, the last person I slept with was Ned, so just thinking about doing it with you is giving me multiples! OH MY GOD! SONNY!"

Maurice to the Powers that Be: I keep telling you -- the height difference between me and Nancy is good for me! I'm always willing to take a breast in the face for the team!

Some moments need no words!

Alexis! Stop moaning! I haven't done anything yet!

Sonny: Oh my God Alexis I have missed you.
Alexis: Kiss me Sonny I want to make love too.
Sonny: Come on then!

Finally!Alexis' too long of a time without a good orgasm has come to an end!

Sonny: Wait a second...your breasts are real!
Alexis: What?! you act like you've never seen real ones before!
Sonny: Sorry its been a while, remember I've been with Carly.
Alexis: Noted

Alexis:Why is this shirt so hard to get off?
Sonny:Muscles babe, MUSCLES!

Alexis: I love you Sonny!
Sonny: I love you too Alexis. Nothin will ever come between us--unless Carly dies and comes back from the dead or somethin'.
Alexis: Now you are being silly!

Alexis: Darn! There goes my diaphragm! Oh well, whats the worse that could happen?

Sonny: Wow, I've been dreaming of this for a very long time! So this is what it's like to have a real woman!
Alexis: I can't believe this is finally happening...and I'm going to give those black satin sheets a work-out with Mr. Sonny Corinthos!


Alexis: Sonny, when you said shaken, not stirred, I thought you were talking about martinis!

Sonny: Do you have any favorite positions?
Alexis: At this point--ALL of them!

Alexis (eyeing the merchandise): So you are telling me that you are six inches?
Sonny: Yeah! So?
Alexis: Oh nothing--its just-- either Ned needs glasses or he's a big fat liar!
Sonny: Why does that not suprise me?
Alexis: Don't gloat!

Sonny: What are you thinking?
Alexis: I am hoping the saying "Size has nothing to do with performance" is NOT true!