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Alexis: You see? There are no pink elephants in here!

Sonny- Was it good for you?
Alexis-I don't know I could not breathe through most of it.

Alexis: FINALLY me, Sonny and a bed...and I forgot to bring the whip cream, chocolate sauce and the trampoline! Damn-damn-damn-damn it all to hell!

Alexis: Sonny, why do you have black satin sheets?
Sonny: They remind me of my altar boy days
Alexis: Whatever!

Sonny: How about saying hello to my little friend!
Alexis: If it is that little I am saying goodbye!

Sonny: I have an idea for candyboy... you, me, mind blowing sex and him walking in on it.
Alexis: I find your streak of exhibitionism to be simultaniously repulsive and a turn on

Sonny: d'ja hear about the Mexican weather report? Chili today and hot tamale! (bursts into laughter)
Alexis: What I won't put up with for some great wall sex

Alexis: If he mentions one word about the code I am out of here

Alexis: Black satin sheets? Why do you have black satin sheets? Aren't you cold at night in the winter? I can't imagine anyone having black satin sheets, mine are flannel... What? ...Sonny, why are you looking at me funny?


Alexis: Oh honestly Kristina! Just because Sonny is this incredibly attractive, charismatic, dimple-popping, suave, intensely sexy hunk of a man, doesn't mean I'm in love with him!.... What do you mean, "turn around"?

Sonny: Hehe, Look look, I'm Jax....Oh Dahling Alexer, Come here my love...hehe...
Alexis: Ok, it's not funny anymore...

Alexis: As your legal council I'll need to know a detailed summary of the activities that go on in this room
Sonny: Why don't I just show you?
Alexis: I thought you'd never ask!

Alexis:I'm just a little disappointed that's all.
Sonny: Why? What's wrong?
Alexis: I just assumed you had Justus, Keesha, Dara, Mac, and Tony tied up in here. God knows, no one has seen your bedroom since they all disappeared.

Alexis: I am kind of disappointed. I was expecting whips, chains and handcuffs!
Sonny: Thats Jax's schtick. My specialty is taking women to the brink of exstasy
Alexis: Ok, I'll make a note of that.

Alexis: "It's just a little bit of a shock, Sonny. I didn't mean to offend you. I am just a little surprised by the cobwebs over your bed. I mean sure, I knew it had been awhile since TPTB had even had a bedroom scene in this sex deprived show, but I guess I assumed that they'd go to the trouble of airing the room first. I assume it was fumigated after Carly left?"
Sonny: Hell Yes!
Alexis: Well thank God for that. Now aren't you supposed to strip for me while I pretend that I have never seen a grown man naked before. Oh wait, maybe it's true. I'm not sure seeing Ned naked counts.

Alexis: As your attorney, I need to know if the activities that go on in this room are legitimate
Sonny: Baby, if they were any more legitimate I'd be in the Smithsonian
Alexis: Right

Alexis: Er...No Principal Richards we were not making out in the boileroom during the firedrill! Ahem, uh...right Sonny?"
Sonny: Wanna see my satin sheets? wink,wink
Sonny and Alexis decide to be together forever

Alexis: (looking at the naked lady statuette in Sonny's room) I know he wants me to loosen up, but I'm not posing like that, no matter what he says. Well...maybe if asks me real nice.

Alexis: Whoa - no wonder you can't sleep in here - phew - I think I'll take that cold shower!!!