Mr. Guza, let Sonny OUT of the Penthouse

For years GH fans have been clamoring for a pairing between mobster Sonny Corinthos and Cassadine lawyer Alexis Davis. At last years GH fan club event, Sonny and Alexis were even voted the couple GH fans most wanted to see. At that point on the GH canvas, Sonny and Alexis were very good friends who were on the edge of spilling over into something more. Wisely, tptb decided to give Sonny and Alexis a try and put them together in a series of comical, dramatic and even dream sequences. The fan response to these vignettes was more then tptb had ever imagined. Together, Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn, who portray Sonny and Alexis, were magic. They were at once funny, sad, comical, intense, witty, and poignant. What's more, it was clear that Mr. Benard and Ms. Grahn adored working together and that spilled over into their scenes making them an even greater joy to watch. Through this pairing, both Mr. Benard and Ms. Grahn were given a chance to weave even more layers into their already complex and interesting characters. Sonny was, for once, with a woman who could be his partner, equal and lover. He also was able to trust her implicitly. Alexis evolved from an overdressed stuffed shirt attorney into a beautiful and sensual woman who for once abandoned her famous reserve and gave in to her passion for her sexy mobster client. The fact that Sonny was a mobster and Ms. Davis an attorney, added another layer to the mix as both Sonny and Alexis struggled to deal with their dueling attraction and ethical conflicts. Just because Sonny made Alexis weak in the knees, she didn't melt into a puddle of mush to do his bidding. She challenged Sonny morally and intellectually and he respected her for it. He sought her out for advice and he listened. They had discussions, not arguments. What a treat it was to see Sonny in an adult relationship after having to suffer through his previous relationships which can be best described as glorified baby sitting. And Sonny made Alexis breathless, clumsy and stuttery. This woman so long in control was coming undone by her attraction to her sensual mobster client. Who knew Alexis could be a lion in the courtroom but a pussycat in the bedroom?

Being in an adult relationship didn't mean Sonny and Alexis were boring. Quite the contrary--they sparred verbally and danced around their mutual attraction--a dance that whipped Sonny and Alexis fans up into a frenzy and had them screaming for more.

Not only was this pairing lauded by GH fans--the soap mags couldn't get enough of them. Week after week praise was heaped upon this duo in the press. Both Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn were singled out as performers of the week. Michael Logan from TV Guide even called them GH's dream team.

In short--they were by far the most interesting couple on GH in years.

Now, all this has changed. Sonny is back to babysitting his vile, childlike wife Carly and Alexis is back on the sidelines relegated to making wisecracks in scenes with Jax and Ned--like some Eve Arden type character in a movie out of the 40s. She is pregnant with Sonny's child, a child she knows Sonny desperately wants, but has somehow convinced herself that Sonny is not good enough to be the child's father. The Alexis of a few months ago would never have kept Sonny from his child. What's worse, not only is Sonny back with a woman who betrayed him, he is made to look like some Sad Sack who does nothing more then sit around PH4 while his duplicitous wife runs around Port Charles wreaking havoc, telling lies and committing crimes right under his nose. When she doesn't like someone--she hits them. She doesn't speak--she screeches. She treats everyone around her with the contempt of someone who has an exaggerated sense of entitlement. In short--she is rewarded for being a petty, vile liar. It isinconceivable to me that Sonny Corinthos could even LIKE this creature let alone love her.

Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn have made it clear in recent articles that they adore each other and want to continue working together. The GH fans seem to agree as Sonny and Alexis and Maurice and Nancy consistently top the polls as GH favorites. The week that Sonny and Alexis made love the ratings went through the roof, while Sonny and Carly's reunion lovemaking didn't even register a blip on the GH ratings radar. Mr. Guza, Sonny and Alexis and Maurice and Nancy are the best you got. Stop dismantling this fascinating duo and just go with it. Use this baby storyline to add even more layers to Sonny and Alexis. Parenthood for both is a provocative and tantalizing storyline--and no one could do it better then Maurice and Nancy. This could be the springboard to put back together a duo who's "dance" had them on the fast track to super couple-dom until you derailed them.

In short Mr. Guza--if it ain't broke--don't fix it!