The Exciting Adventures of Sonny and his Cusinart
Sonny's Journey:
World Leader Pretend my labor of love tribute to Sonny.
Others Sonny needs to forgive
Sonny's Amazing Colossal Super Sperm!

Sonny & Alexis Keeperships

The Sonny and Alexis theme song !
Alexis Makes Sonny's Window!
Sonny helps Alexis overcome her fear of the Cusinart
Alexis is Ms. Subliminal
Interactive Subliminal Alexis
Caption This Interactive
Conversational Sonny!
Bergman on Sexis
Sexis Top Ten!
Yet another new caption this!
Alexis/Sonny/Carly Caption This!

Sonny & Brenda

Brenda's back!
Sonny/Jason/Brenda Caption This
Sonny/Brenda/Carly/Michael Caption This