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Sonny: Boy your sister has a big mouth!
Alexis (sigh): Tell me about it

anonymous: I'd rather concentrate on your mouth!

Sweetstuff27: No, really? I just thougt that telling every man I know that I was in love witht you was common courtesy

Scullysboy:You know, my mouth isn't as big as hers, but I could sure rock your world with it

TKateStephanie: I agree

rebel 1: Sorry she bothered you..I knew that I should have drowned that twit after she was born but Helena came over and upset my plans, And darn, wouldn't you know that wanna be hero Jax would be the one to find her

Julexisdavis: Hers may be big but mine is better!

cjnalew: and I have a nice mouth too...and what that mouth can do to bring you pleasure! Try'll like it

Kimperious:Too bad she's seeing Ned -- it must be like a string bean in a stockpot

Sue:But it's no where near as talented as mine, Mob Boy

stellastar: Tell me about it...I'd like to throw Twinkie off a cliff so she'd quit interrupting our mad make-out sessions

JessieBrewer: I'm so glad Jax found her and brought her I could FINISH what Helena started!

DanaF: What? You didn't appreciate the full page ad she took out in the Port Charles Bugle?

Sonny: I know its hard for you to talk to me about Carly, thanks for being such a good friend!
Alexis: Thats what I'm here for.

anonymous: obtuse golddigger

Sweetstuff27:You're still in love with a whore, of course it bothers me

Scullysboy: To make sure you know what a loser Carly is, and how I'm so much better for you. By the way, good friends can do a lot more than talk you know

TKateStephanie: I am here for you no matter what, even if you want to talk about Carly-single digit I.O. moron

rebel 1: Good friend! If I weren't so in love with you I would stuff a sock in your mouth the minute you mention her name! Now shut up and kiss me!

Julexisdavis: So let's just kill her and be done with it

cjnalew: now will you please hurry up and get over that skinny, pea-brained witch!

Kimperious:I just wish it was hard for you, or rather I just wish you were hard for me, but I digress

Sue: Isn't it about time you thanked your good friend properly?

stellastar: If you weren't such a gorgeous, egoitistical, chauvanistic MORON you might realize that the reason that I'm so uncomfortable about talking about your ex is because I have the major HOTS for you and wanna tear your clothes off!

Delineh: So kiss me ok Sonny! Whatever?

JessieBrewer: Just my luck--I get stuck with the Madonna part of the Madonna/Whore complex!

DanaF: Come home with me mobster boy and I'll show you what ELSE good friends can do!

Sonny: I wish I could stop worrying about Courtney.
Alexis: Try keeping yourself busy!

anonymous: I can think of many ways to keep you busy

Sweetstuff27: I could think of a few activities

Scullysboy:You could concentrate on...say...ripping my underwear off, hoisting me up against the door, and asking me "who's your daddy?"

TKateStephanie:I worry about my sister too--like whats the most expediant way to kill her

rebel 1: I suggest that we begin in the bedroom..first I'll take off my cloths and then I'll take off yours ! After that I'm sure that you will be too darn busy to think about Courtney let alone worry about her!

Julexisdavis: So drum your fingers...on ME!

cjnalew: I can think of a few ways to keep your mind (and body) please let me help you with those buttons

Kimperious: Let's try a rousing game of pin your tail in Alexis, or rather pin the tail on Alexis, I mean pin the tale on Carly, no I mean pin the tail on the donkey, wait I guess those last two are redundant

Sue:Worry about how you're going to get me off big boy!

stellastar: Sigh, Me's ruining our sex life

JessieBrewer: I have an idea! Lets play "You are the naughty Catholic high school boy and I am a Nun on the verge of breaking my Vow of Chastity"...among other things!

DanaF: Lets play Confession! You be the sinner and I'll give you absolution!

Sonny: Any recommendations on how I should redecorate my bedroom?
Alexis: I'm not sure you'd want my input!

anonymous: Yes! Put me in it!

Sweetstuff27: I would pay good money to spend at least a week in that bedroom with you

Scullysboy:But if you did want my input, I'd say you should hang up posters of Eddie's Angel and make me a permanent part of your bedding ensemble...I look great against black satin

TKateStephanie: Put me in there and it would look great!

rebel 1: Glad that you ask. For starters You need a woman in your bed..That would be ME

Julexisdavis: You should redecorate it nude. Besides, it has a bed, what else does it need

cjnalew: I think the first thing that should be done is to check out your sheets...for comfort. Here let me slip in between them...and come here and give me your opinion!"

Kimperious: speaking of input pal, why don't you finally put it in here! Know what I'M sayin'

Sue:I suggest me in the bed for starters

stellastar:How 'bout me lying naked under your black satin sheets while we have mind-blowing- intoxitaing-rip-roarin-sex!

JessieBrewer: Lets redecorate your kitchen instead! You can give me naked Cusinart lessons!

DanaF: But I sure would like YOUR input!

Sonny: How can I ever repay you after all you've done for me?
Alexis: I'm sure I can think of something!!

anonymous: multiple orgasms--I haven't had one in five years!

Sweetstuff27:Take me, right here, right now!

Scullysboy:How about if every time I help you, you exhaust me with pleasure?

TKateStephanie:Take me now stupid

rebel 1: Just take me in your arms , whisper Te Amo in my ear and give me those hungary kisses and never let me go!

Julexisdavis: Mind blowing up against the door sex comes to mind!

cjnalew: well, dear boy...there is one way that comes to mind. Now let's slip out of that sexy silk suit...and see what I've been fantasizing about!

Kimperious: that will involve you wearing kneepads for a prolonged period of time

Sue: Start by losing the clothes!

stellastar: You can start by a nice slow strip-tease followed by worshipping my body...

JessieBrewer: Hmmm hot monkey up against the wall fothermucker sex would be a good start!

DanaF: If I stick my tongue down your throat will that give you a clue as to how I would like to be repaid?

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