Others Sonny needs to learn how to forgive

The folks at GH think that Sonny needs to learn how to give. As if to emphasize this, they have people betraying Sonny left and right: his ex-wife, his best friend, his sister, his father. This is all in effort to facillitate Sonny's learning how to forgive for only then will he find peace (gag). Personally, with the exception of his best friend (and he still had a right to be tee'd off with her), I think he has shown sound judgement in withholding forgiveness. But who am I to argue with tptb?? So why stop with just these four?? Lets examine Sonny's entire life and make a list of all those that Sonny needs to learn how to forgive.

The kitty that scratched him when
he was three
Billy Ray Cyrus. Achy Breaky Heart.
Need I say more?
Sister Monica: who made him stand in
the corner for throwing spit balls in the third grade.
Nancy Vido: who broke a date
with him when he was a sophmore.
The flu my butt!
Regina Sweeny: who wouldn't let him copy
her math homework in the seventh grade.
Vanilla Ice: because everytime he heard the
opening strains of Ice Ice Baby on the radio
he thought it was David Bowie'sUnder Pressure. Arrgghhh.
Father Leo: who gave him The Apostles Creed
and the entire Rosary to say for Penance
when he beat up Francis Xavier Antonelli.
Francis started it!
Bobby Huzenic: who made Altar boy
a WHOLE year before him! Brown-noser!
The guy that came up with the formula for the
New Coke.
The Buffalo Bills: for losing Super
Bowl XXV to the Giants!
Howard Cosell: for saying football was just
a game! Jerk!
Guns and Roses: for breaking up!
Damn that Axl Rose!
Mrs. Fagan: who gave him a
"D" in Geometry!
ABC: for cancelling the t.v. show
Nothing Sacred! He loved that show!