A Complicated man

We know Lorenzo Alcazar is a complicated man!
How? Because everyone says so!


Courtney: Alcazar caused my miscarriage
Carly: That's because he's so COMPLICATED Courtney

Courtney: Why didn't you say so? That makes it ok!

Phone: Hello. Joe's Pizza!
Carly: Lorenzo Alcazar is a COMPLICATED man!
Phone: Uh, Ok. How many toppings would you like on that?

Jax: Alcazar is a dangerous man. Carly: Why should I listen to you! You're just bitter about always being second best to Sonny and Jason
Jax: Wow--thats complicated.
Carly: No--Lorenzo is complicated.
Carly: Honest Jason, Lorenzo is a COMPLICATED man
Jason: No Carly. You can't own children. They have to be free. That's complicated.
Carly: Not as COMPLICATED as Lorenzo

Michael (laughing) : And then Mommy said Alcazar was COMPLICATED
Sonny: That's funny!

Michael: My mom says Alcazar is a COMPLICATED man.
Kristina: My mommy killed his brother.

Alexis: I'm sorry Sonny, Alcazar went to Oxford. That makes him more COMPLICATED then you .

Alexis: Brooke Lynn says Alcazar is a COMPLICATED man.
Ric: Really. I hear prunes are good for that.
Alexis: RIC! I said complicated, not constipated !

Ric: Why is everyone talking about how COMPLICATED Alcazar is?
Sonny: Because they are trying to SORAS him into me.
Ric: Oh.


Nancy: psssst, Maurice. Sorry about the complicated remark. Tbtb are making me say this drivel.
Maurice: Thanks Nancy. Don't forget Kate has a play date with Cassidy and Cailey this Saturday
Nancy: I won't. Say hello to Paula and that handsome new son of yours for me. MMwwaahh.


Ric: What's wrong Alexis?
Alexis: My kid hardly moves or speaks. She barely smiles. Alcazar is delivering my next one!
Ric: Your NEXT one? Is there something you're not telling me?
Alexis: Weeeell...its kind of complicated!

Courtney: No Jax, don't try to stop me, I have to go tell Alcazar I forgive him!
Jax: Lorenzo Alcazar is a drug dealing mobster freak who tried to gaslight your brother by having someone get plastic surgery to look like Lily, break up your brother's marriage, kidnapped you, caused you to miscarriage, and blows up limousines that your nephews ride in.
Courtney: You just don't understand--he's COMPLICATED!

Michael: I don't get it--after all the bad things Alcazar did why does everybody think that he's so good all of a sudden?
Kristina: Because He delivered Bridgett's baby
Michael: Oh--that's COMPLICATED
Kristina: And stupid

Alcazar: (loud stage whisper) Carly, I, I have something important I need to tell you but I am afraid.

Carly: What is it Lorenzo! You can tell me anything!

Alcazar: (stage whisper ) I had chile
for lunch and now I have to break wind

Carly: Lorenzo, that's so COMPLICATED!! And stinky!

Sam: Jason, I have something to discuss with you. Its about the baby's name

Sam: I think we should name our baby Complexa, since Alcazar delivered her.

Jason: That's a good idea. If Alcazar wasn't so COMPLICATED, Complexa might not be here.

Lois: What's on your mind Lorenzo?

Alcazar: You wouldn't understand
Lois: Try me !

Alcazar: I would like to have an egg
salad sandwich. Its silly I know.

Lois: You're a COMPLICATED man Lorenzo. I see a man concerned about nutrition.

Sonny: Come on Carly. Tell me again about how Alcazar is so COMPLICATED. BWAHAHAHA. That's a riot.

Carly: Hey wait a minute Sonny. Aren't you supposed to be jealous and threatened because of my feelings for Lorenzo and how COMPLICATED
our relationship is ?
Sonny: Sorry, all I feel is relief. Want some help packing? COMPLICATED. BWAHAHAHA.

Carly: Sniff, and then he laughed at me Lorenzo.
Alcazar: Cooooorrrrrrinthossss will pay for this.
Carly: That's so COMPLICATED. Maybe you can blow up Sonny's limo while my kids are in it. That will show him.!

SLW: I'm not COMPLICATED Carly but what if I made you laugh with my weird Canadian accent??

Lois: Alcazar is much more COMPLICATED than Diego

Brooke: No way, Diego is more

Lois: Way!

Brooke: No way! Infinity!

SLW: My Canadian accent is so goofy it even makes ME laugh. Now THATS

Carly: I like you Steven. But even if you are wearing Alcazar's shirt--you're just not as COMPLICATED as he is. Oh--and your accent is goofy. I don't think I've heard a Canadian accent quite like it.

Kristina: Daddy, you're complicated because of the intense tug of war that rages within you. You're the good man who does bad things. In spite of what you do, you're the best daddy and protector and your devotion to those that you love shines right through you. We know you're complicated because you show us--not just because everyone says so.
Sonny: Why thanks sweetheart. I think that's the most you've ever said at one time!
Kristina: I only speak when I have something to say!
Sonny: Want to try out that shell again?
Kristina: No Thanks!

Kristina: Alcazar MY BUTT! Stupid David Cassidy wannabe NOBODY messes with MY dad!

The End!