Sonny/Brenda//Michael/Carly Caption This!

Brenda: And even funnier, Michael, is Lius' lame loser brother Lorenzo. He is such a loser the only way he can get a woman is to stalk her and drug her. Hey Carly, he'd be perfect for you. You could be Lorenzo's Goil!
Sonny: (thinking to himself: HA HA Lorenzo's Goil. Cool. That would set me free to be Port Charles' hottest stud again! And if Carly dumps me--I won't be the bad guy!) Say Brenda, maybe we should invite this Lorenzo guy over for dinner!

Carly: I give up. Even when I wear my most special skank tank, all eyes are on HER.
Sonny: When I look at you from this angle, Brenda, I can see right down your shirt. It's just like I remember...
Brenda: I'll high-five to that. Put 'er there, Michael.

"YAY! Auntie Brenda has come to save me!! YAY!"

Donna M
Michael: You're pretty, hey your even prettier than mommy!!!
Sonny: Yeah I know she is!!!
Sonny: NOTHING!!!

Michael: Are you saying that you're gonna be my new mom? ALRIGHT HIGH FIVE! I was getting tired of Letitia any way.
Sonny: No Michael, she's taking Carly's place!
Michael:Oh! Even better!

Michael: Wow! Your cool, and you're pretty. Hey, you're even more prettier than my mommy!
Sonny: Yeah, she is prettier, than your mommy!
Carly: Sonny!!!, Michael let's go.
Michael: Bye, pretty lady!
Sonny: So why are you here?
Brenda: I just wanted to say, I'm still in love with you, and I want you to divorce Carly for me and bring Michael too, he's such a cute little boy!!!
Sonny: Okay!!!, Carly I'm divorcing you!!!!!!!!

Carly: My name is legion. The power of my white trash boobs compel you.
Brenda and Michael: We need a young priest and an old priest.
Sonny: I'll go get Father Coates

Michael: Beam me up Brenda there is no intelligent life beside me
Brenda: Good one!
Sonny: Right behind you kid

Rachel All in favor of VOTING CARLY OUT OF THIS SCENE- SAY I! "Sonny, Brenda and their child- A Daytime Family WE WANT TO SEE!"

Renee B
Michael goes in for a high Five and misses, he hit the floor and Carly is steaming mad because Sonny does nothing.

Noelle S Michael: My daddy said that you beat out mommy's whore top when you asked him to unwrap you!

"You and me together kid...we'll get your daddy away from your skanky mommy!"

alleycat Brenda: Hey little boy, in a few months, that blond lady's movin' out! I'm gonna be your new mommy!
Michael: But I've never seen you before...
Brenda: I know, but you don't have to live with Skinny McNobrain anymore!
Sonny: I've never been more happy you survived, Brenda,than at this moment.
Carly: Ok, you know what? I don't know what crazy, old school GH gang sign you just taught my son, but I want you out of my house and away from Alexis' hus- I mean, MY husband right now.

Mikey: You mean it? You'll take me to my real mommy?
Brenda: You bet! (high-fives)
Sonny: (quietly) Thank g*d! Now to get rid of the b*tch! (looks at Carly)
Carly: (bulges eyes out) (points with elbows) (mouth open like a sea bass)

Nancy S
If you don't let me win at arm wrestling, my daddy will have you wacked.
Sonny: Oh, I'd like to take a whack at her Michael, but not in the way you think.

Naomi B
Michael Yes! finally mommy and daddy are getting a divorce and i get to have a hot step mom.
Brenda Thanks! give me a high five. (to carly) ha bitch look who he likes now

Carly: I don't believe this. First Letitia, then Alexis, now Brenda. Sonny,why does my son like all of them more than he likes me? Sonny: Don't ask me. I like all of them better too.

Carly: Damn it! Another one trying to destroy my fake family. Brenda thinks she can just come in here and be nice to my kid and steal Sonny, well she has another thing coming! I'll have have to whine to Jason to get rid of her. I refuse to be Lily again!

Michael: Wow! Dad, Brenda's cool. Dump mom, I like this chick.
Sonny: Oh, I'm planning on it, son.
Carly: Why don't you go find Letitia, you ungrateful brat!
Brenda: Where did he get the red hair from?

Jessica G
Michael:(To Carly)Woman! Go upstairs and change! You look like a ten dollar hooker!
Carly:(To Sonny)Did you just hear what you son called me?
Sonny:He he...well, kids say the darndest things.
Brenda:(As she gives Michael a high five) Niceeeeee...but I would have to say that it is more like a five dollar hooker.

Mrs. F. Mulder
carly: *thinking* what's my line?
sonny: *thinking* man, brenda's hot.
brenda: *thinking* what a weird kid.

Candy Cane
(Brenda thinks to herself) Michael you're 50 now. God I guess growth did you no good. You're still the ugliest kid I've ever seen. Poor kid got cursed with his fathers genes. Actually now looking at him, he looks like that wretched bitch Skye. Hmm now that I think of it, I wonder if he was switched at birth? I guess I have some investigating to do. Looks like I do have some use for my Charlie's Angel outfit again

Sonny: See, Michael, this is what a REAL woman looks like.
Michael: Wow, Daddy, I've never seen one of those up close before...can I touch it???

Michael: I heard Jax say you killed Alcazar. Could you kill my Mommy too??
Brenda: I didn't kill Alcazar, but your proposal IS tempting
Sonny: Brenda!
Brenda: Well!!

Mikey: Cool dark haired tattoo're going to be my new mommy?
Brenda: That's right...high five little man!

Anay L
Michael (to Brenda): Are you going to be my new Mommy now?
Brenda: What makes you think that?
Carly: Hey do'don't you remember that someone can only have one Mommy and one Daddy?
Michael: But I have already had so many Daddy's that I thought it was time for a new Mommy.
Sonny: Smart kid...
Brenda: Well if you had to have a new Mommy who would it be?
Michael: You!
Brenda: Awesome!
Carly: Excuse me...
Sonny: Smart kid.

Michael: WOW !! so you my new mom, cool.
Carly: Wait a minute.
Sonny: Hey kid, you're right, just give me time.
Brenda: Cool!! Sonny.

Michael to Brenda: You are so much prettier than my mommy!
Sonny to himself: I'm training you well, Michael!
Brenda to Michael: Thank you, but you probably shouldn't say that while your mommy is standing right here.
Michael back to Brenda: But she isn't my real mommy. My real mommy's name is Letitia. She's the one who takes care of me. I have to call Carly "mommy" but I cross my fingers when I say it. Besides, she calls me "Mr. Man"...UGH!
Sonny to himself: Brenda, let's go somewhere so we can be alone!

Michael(To Brenda): She's a poopie head even if she is my mom
Brenda: Good one!
Sonny: Hee Hee

Danielle P.
Sonny: Hey Mikey, this is my girlfriend Brenda.
Mikey: You mean, you've been the one calling for my daddy late at night
Brenda: Yeah, that's me
(Carly slaps sonny)

(Brenda) You heard him scream out MY name when doing her? All right!

Jennifer L.
Carly: He can't be with Brenda I already told Pruza he is my man dammit.
Michael: (speaking to Carly) Give it up blondie, I told you last night we're over there's a new woman in town (hello Brenda)
Brenda:I must have lost my memory. I didn't think we had a kid.
Sonny: Oh no this one is hers
Brenda: leave with me now and we can make of few of out own tonight.