When CFF Hutton talks, everybody listens (well all CFFs, anyway)!

Proof Posative that CFFs follow their leader!!
Here's a post I did at Soapzone under a CFF spoiler post (one who claims to have "inside sources"). I asked him how Harvey was. Harvey is the imaginary white rabbit only the protagonist in the book Harvey can see or hear. I think thats the equivalent of this CFF's "inside sources". It's widely believed that the "source" was a copy of SID and SOD this CFF obtained a day early and posted at SZ as "inside info"(wink). Well,heck,if thats the case then I think my sources are as good as his! Below is the exchange. Its pretty funny actually.

As you can see from this thread when the CFF leader utters a command, CFFs minions snap to it!

Hey CFF, how's Harvey?? [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:06 PM (28)

I Don't Know Any Harveys. But I Hope Whoever It Is Is Well. [EOM] - Spoiler King - 02-Jan-2002 3:12 PM (27)

Could she mean Paul Harvey from NPR? He does very poignant - CFF - 02- Jan-2002 3:38 PM (4)

(Comment by JB: Can you believe someone actually thinks Paul Harvey is poignant??)

Who's condemning?? - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:39 PM (3)

That's right... you only make little snide hidden insults as a - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:44 PM (2)

Well thanks for the compliment about me being intelligent [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:47 PM (1)

Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean your stupid. [EOM] - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:48 PM (0)

She's calling you a lier Vern. Harvey the white rabbit from the - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:26 PM (10)

Liar--now did I say that?? I think not! [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan- 2002 3:37 PM (0)

It was actually a BOOK by James Thurber first [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:36 PM (7)

Another cowardly slam. Thumbs down. [EOM] - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:40 PM (6)

How is that a slam?? Its just a fact. - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:42 PM (5)

More of the Little Miss Innocent act? [EOM] - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:47 PM (4)

Please ignore her, don't let her ruin this post like she wants [EOM] - CFF Hutton - 02-Jan-2002 3:48 PM (2)

Done. [EOM] - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:49 PM (0)

LOL You guys give me such power!! - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:48 PM (0)

Jeese--you guys perfected that! I wouldn't dare try. [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:47 PM (0)

Oh, Well. That's Sweet. I Like Jimmy Stewart. :-) [EOM] - Spoiler King - 02-Jan-2002 3:34 PM (0)

Oh I think you do!! [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:24 PM (10)

Why not just SAY what you want to say ?? Don't be a coward [EOM] - CFF Hutton - 02-Jan-2002 3:31 PM (9)

I DID say what I wanted to say!! [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:36 PM (0)

She doesn't like what she reads so she accuses the messenger of - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:35 PM (7)

That's what it looks like to me it's not all about Suxass [EOM] - CFF - 02-Jan-2002 3:42 PM (1)

LOL I love all your little theories about why I post - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:44 PM (0)

LOL. There's always ONE! [EOM] - CFF2 - 02-Jan-2002 3:42 PM (0)

More like I don't believe--not I don't like - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan- 2002 3:38 PM (2)

If you don't believe the Spoiler King or like him, why do you even - CFF - 02-Jan- 2002 3:45 PM (1)

I'm not mad. Have you been watching GH lately?? [EOM] - JessieBrewer - 02-Jan-2002 3:45 PM (0)

Yup [EOM] - CFF Hutton - 02-Jan-2002 3:37 PM (0)